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Rules of the Forum of Lithuanian history

1. This forum is meant to discuss the issues directly or indirectly connected with the history of Lithuania.

2. Working languages of the forum are Lithuanian, Russian and English. Each of these languages is to be used in a corresponding section. Usage of the Belarusian and Ukrainian languages is allowed in the Russian section, if the other participants of the discussions are not against it. Using the language in another section of the forum (for example, English in Russian version, etc.) is not allowed, except the quotes, presented for discussion.

3. Each language section of the forum is divided into the main forum for discussing the issues not infringing scholar history science and the forum of “Alternative history”, where discussions on non-scholarly and amateurish interpretations of the history of Lithuania are permitted. Discussing later theories in the main forum is prohibited. If discussion participant sends a message concerning non-scholarly issues to the main the forum, moderators may move the message to “Alternative history” section or remove it without any warning.

Non-scholarly theories include: a) theories, considering the GDL to be predominantly Belarusian state, as well as changing the contents of the ethnonyms “Lithuanians”, “Samogitians”, etc. (writings of Mikola Yermalovich, Paula Urban, Vitaut Charopka and their followers); b) attributing to Balts ethnical groups, which are not attributed to them by scientific historiography (theories of Alexander Račkus, Česlovas Gedgaudas, etc., majority of the ethnogenetic theories, created before the mid 19th century, if they are assessed otherwise then the product of their own period), c) linguistic interpretations, not based on modern linguistics achievements, d) other theories, fundamentally contradicting with standard scholarly views.

4. Crude expressions, use of the ethnic and other nicknames, distortion of the names and pseudonyms of the participants of the forum, making fun of ones language, etc. is prohibited.

5. Each participant of the forum can register only once and has to sign all his messages with the same nick, first name and/or surname or initials.

6. Participant of the forum, who has been continuously violating the provided rules or who has severely infringed provision 4 of the rules, may be banned from the forum or his participation scope may be abridged.