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Keleiwis (1849-1880): oldest Lithuanian newspaper

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Posted 2006-11-16 11:37 (#41020 - in reply to #41018)
Subject: RE: Claiming the dead, never asking living ones

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incognito - 2006-11-16 10:43 AM
you don't have a right to call people are part of something, only those people has right to designate who was who.
Oh boy, not distanced, they were separate, different self designation: lietuvininkas ir lietuvis.  

Didn't you noticed yet, the būrai have applied the same terms "lietuvninkas", "lietuviškas", "lietuva" for būrai, žemaičiai and suvalkiečiai ? So they stressed out they were different (būrai) but still part of the biger picture (lietuvninkai). They didn't invent any new identity to stress complete independence from the rest of the ethnos.

Or... are you aware of any facts in pre-nazi period, when būrai have applied term "lietuvninkai" to themselves, but "lietuviai" to the other subethnoses of Lietuva ? Share them please, with the sources. Otherwise it's the dialect difference for the same term. Printed dictionaries of 19th century clearly states that "lietuvninkas" means both "būras", "žemaitis" and "gudas".
I'm aware of "mažalietuviai"/"didlietuviai" division though. Both still fall under "lietuviai".

I'm perfectly aware you don't care about proofs, arguments and logic. You simply lost this discussion again, but you stick to your claims of pure hateress towards lithuanians. Your unwilingness to explain counterarguments confirms that. There is no point in talking to you, you subconciously reject anything told to you.

You can deny this sentence, and this is a fact, so it was so. When nothing is to say - as usuall appears insults.  

It's not insults, sorry if it looks that way. I only suggest you fixing the problem with attention disorder. You seem to loose attention during discussion, loose the topic, forget arguments and loose your point. The symptoms that we see on the forum indicates you have huge problem in your personal life. I'm very sincere in suggesting you serious treatment for your problem. No offence.

If you havent noticed it yet, you are using single out-of-context quote found in Bismark-censored newspaper from the times of the germanisation madness ! 

What madness? In Germany you could print newspaers, books - it was allowed, don't forget it was democracy  

Here you go again, blessfully forgetting known inconvenient facts. Būrai newspapers were too much afraid to print a sentence "lithuanian castle" because that would mean huge problems with state censorship. You can imagine serious pressure to print germanists love articles. Could anyone voicely express an idea of "indepenence" for Prussian Lithuania at that time ? That would equal to state treason. No democracy in todays terms.

Sure some būrai distanced themselves from žemaičiai and suvalkiečiai just as some bavarians distanced themselves from stinky schwabs. Yet būrai applied the term "lietuvninkai" for themselves AND for žemaičiai (Kurschat dictionary, read it for once), just as bavarians applied term "deutch" for themselves AND for stinky schwabs.
See ? Different subethnoses. 

Once again - no arguments, only insults.  

See ? You've got confused again.

Is dutch and deutch is the same? Is russian and rusyn is the same? 

Different identities, different terms. See that ? The same "lietuvninkas" applied for būras, žemaitis and suvalkietis. Read the Kurschat dictionary for once !

You are talking only about two people, I am talking about 96% of all population.  

You are talking about 1% of germans having būrai genes. I'm talking about 50% of Twah having būrai genes.
You've never explained the 96% statistics.
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